What better way to truly learn about a topic then through someone’s firsthand account? Hearing their unique point of view, their successes and failures, gives us a visceral sense of what it’s all about. With the Certificate in Positive Psychology course about to begin, Wholebeing Institute CEO Megan McDonough recently brought together a handful of CiPP graduates for a Meet-the-Practitioners conference call.

The objective was to have a group of alumni, from a variety of backgrounds, explain how they apply CiPP teachings in their personal and professional lives. Fields represented in the hour-long conversation included yoga, teaching, psychology, and coaching. Prospective students were invited to engage in the conversation via phone or online.

Jane Anderson, a Positive Psychology Coach, spoke about how CiPP has enhanced her work. “I use quite a few tools to help me as a coach, to help me know who I am at my best,” says Jane. She noted that the VIA character strengths quiz, a powerful positive psychology tool, is a great place to start: She discovered that her character strength of mindfulness helps her get centered and energized between sessions with clients.

Not all CiPP students come to the course from a background in private practice. Some work in university settings or corporations. Lori Tuominen and her husband teach a college seminar in positive psychology. After Lori attended CiPP and brought the teachings into her classroom, she received an e-mail from a freshman about how the lessons affected her. “Positive psychology actually changed the way i think about myself, my life and my future,” the student wrote.

Lori says the course is relevant to wherever people are in their lives. They can take the message and apply it to themselves as well as those around them. “One of the most powerful angles of positive psychology is that we begin to ask ourselves, What’s working? What’s right?” says Megan. It’s a perspective that broadens how we think and take action, in every situation, career, and relationship.

Hear the practitioners’ stories and find out more about the CiPP course.

Listen now.

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