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Why SPIRE for Well-being?

By taking the whole into account, the greatest well-being can be realized. We call that wholebeing; and we use the term as our definition of happiness.

Light in Dark Places

When I first found WBI, my intention was to learn ways to bring positive psychology into a dark, traumatized world. For the past two decades, I have...

Guided Meditation: Surfing the Wave of Breath

In this meditation, you'll direct attention to the flow of breath, following it from the nostril into the belly and back out again. The...

Liminal Time and Facing the Unknown

Through the years, I’ve written and taught extensively about “liminal time,” that pregnant pause between what is no longer and what is not yet....

Expressive Writing: A Powerful Practice for Managing Emotions

Sometimes it takes a global pandemic to realize what you are truly called to do. After years spent conceptualizing an online literary journal...

Compassion Fatigue and Finding Purpose

Today we share the latest episode of the Being Well podcast with Forrest Hanson and his father, Rick Hanson. The episode examines the stress and...
Kathy Washburn

“Wholebeing Institute allowed me to completely turn around a life focused on what I wasn’t good at to focusing on my positive strengths.”

Kathy Washburn
Founder, Carved By Cancer
Dana Keep

“I have many years of coaching experience, but little formal training. Your information and insights helped me expand my thinking around the use of the specific tools you shared.”

Dana Keep
Career Coach, Wellesley College
Scott Shapiro, MD

“My psychiatry practice has been re-energized, as I incorporate these Positive Psychology lessons, including how to be more present, listen more deeply and empathically, and be more generous in my own life.”

Scott Shapiro, MD
Adult ADHD Psychiatrist + Executive Coach
Rebecca Soni

“The Certificate in Positive Psychology motivated me to get my ideas shaped into what I wanted to achieve. My final project was a rough version of what RISE became.”

Rebecca Soni,
Six-time Olympic medalist, founder of RISE Elite Athletes