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Why SPIRE for Well-being?

By taking the whole into account, the greatest well-being can be realized. We call that wholebeing; and we use the term as our definition of happiness.

How Self-Regulation Can Support Well-Being

My dad wanted me to be a musician, so he placed me in front of a piano at a very young age. The first part of my childhood was organized...

How Neurographic Art Supports SPIRE Well-Being

I’ve been noticing lately that Neurographic Art, one of my new favorite activities, has contributed to my whole-person well-being on...

The Power of the Timeout to Avoid Burnout: A Coaching Conversation Using Strengths

Amy, Sally’s coaching client, called to say she could not make their appointment. As a hospital administrator during a pandemic, she had...

Languishing to Flourishing in 2022

Does the word “languishing” resonate with you? Adam Grant, Wharton Professor, describes languishing as a state of being where one is not quite...

Should I Be Part of the Great Resignation?

Over the past few months, millions of people have joined the Great Resignation driven by many pandemic-related realizations—about family time,...
Kathy Washburn

“Wholebeing Institute allowed me to completely turn around a life focused on what I wasn’t good at to focusing on my positive strengths.”

Kathy Washburn Founder, Carved By Cancer
Scott Shapiro, MD

“My psychiatry practice has been re-energized, as I incorporate these Positive Psychology lessons, including how to be more present, listen more deeply and empathically, and be more generous in my own life.”

Scott Shapiro, MD Adult ADHD Psychiatrist + Executive Coach
Rebecca Soni,

“The Certificate in Positive Psychology motivated me to get my ideas shaped into what I wanted to achieve. My final project was a rough version of what RISE became.”

Rebecca Soni,  Six-time Olympic medalist, founder of RISE Elite Athletes
Michael Silverstein,

“The Wholebeing Institute CIPP course has been the most powerful and important training program I have ever been exposed to. I use it every day.”

Michael Silverstein, Private Equity Investor