Our organizing principle for the COVID-19 response is: Take what you need, give what you can. In times of hoarding and fear, the antidote is to share, connect, and serve. Here are resources for you.


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Why SPIRE for Well-being?

By taking the whole into account, the greatest well-being can be realized. We call that wholebeing; and we use the term as our definition of happiness.

A Meditation for Cultivating Peace

Meditation has countless real-life applications. The practice teaches you how to recognize and respond in a constructive way, rather than recoil or...

How Authenticity Can Support Us During COVID-19

Crafting an authentic life requires far more than knowing who we are … it is also about understanding who we most want to become and how...

Time to Let Your Yoga Dance: A Free Gift

Before the world went into isolation, 65 of us from around the world became OneDanceTribe at the Garrison Institute in...

Building Social Capital Through the Reciprocity Ring

“When we ask, miracles can happen.” —Wayne Baker Now more than ever, networking and social capital are of the essence, as we telecommute...

A Circle of Giving and Receiving

The WBI organizing principle for our COVID-19 action is: Take what you need, give what you can. In times of hoarding and fear, the antidote is to...
Kathy Washburn

“Wholebeing Institute allowed me to completely turn around a life focused on what I wasn’t good at to focusing on my positive strengths.”

Kathy Washburn
Founder, Carved By Cancer
Dana Keep

“I have many years of coaching experience, but little formal training. Your information and insights helped me expand my thinking around the use of the specific tools you shared.”

Dana Keep
Career Coach, Wellesley College
Scott Shapiro, MD

“My psychiatry practice has been re-energized, as I incorporate these Positive Psychology lessons, including how to be more present, listen more deeply and empathically, and be more generous in my own life.”

Scott Shapiro, MD
Adult ADHD Psychiatrist + Executive Coach
Rebecca Soni

“The Certificate in Positive Psychology motivated me to get my ideas shaped into what I wanted to achieve. My final project was a rough version of what RISE became.”

Rebecca Soni,
Six-time Olympic medalist, founder of RISE Elite Athletes