SPIRE Well-being

SPIRE well-being considers the whole person—it encompasses spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional well-being. By taking the whole into account, the greatest well-being can be realized. We call that wholebeing; and we use the term as our definition of happiness.

SPIRE Methodology

The word “spire” is within the word “respire,” meaning to breathe—the act that keeps you alive. The SPIRE perspective encourages you to know yourself—to understand and value that which is uniquely and wonderfully you. When you become grounded in who you are, it becomes a source of energy. While respiring (breathing) keeps you alive, SPIRE wholebeing seeks to keep you enlivened.

The word “spire” has another meaning: the highest point or summit of something, like the spire of a church or the spire of the mountain. By knowing yourself, and being in a like-minded, supportive community, SPIRE wholebeing becomes a way to expand, to reach for higher stretch goals and aspirations for what you can accomplish and who you can become.

In this way, SPIRE wholebeing helps you gain perspective as you continually grow into the highest and best you’re capable of, while deepening your connection to self.

Wholebeing is our definition of happiness.

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