Wholebeing Institute’s courses provide you with the opportunity to learn and apply the science of whole-person well-being. Our course formats include

Peer-reviewed research is made accessible to all, breaking through the fortress that often envelops the Ivory Tower of academia.


Our Course Offerings

A combination of online and on-site immersive learning, this in-depth certification focuses on the personal and profession application of positive psychology tools to increase happiness and flourishing.

A flexible, modular certification, this path leads to being a Positive Psychology Coach—highly sought after for their ability to help clients successfully pursue goals for positive change in their lives, work, relationships, and well-being.

Learn From Home

Online Modules, Live

These online courses are instructor-led, meaning you join at a specific time for a live webinar with the instructor over a period of six to 10 weeks. You can choose to have direct interaction with subject matter experts, or watch recordings of the live events later, at your convenience.


Building Capacity for a
Thriving Life

This three-week, online course examines research that supports the relationships between authenticity, resilience and thriving. Taught live by Dr. Maria Sirois.

Positive Psychology Coaching


Learn the skills and concepts of Positive Psychology Coaching and the CHANGE model for helping clients successfully make positive changes in their lives, work, health, and relationships.
Taught live by Lynda Wallace.

Living Leadership

Leading for Stress Resilience

Learn to lead in an authentic way that makes life more fulfilling, meaningful, and fun, and that helps create a group of self-aware, engaged people who together cultivate an amazing culture. Taught live by Megan McDonough.

Positive Psychology

in Clinical Settings

Learn the foundational concepts and practices of positive psychology, and explore how these positive interventions can be introduced when working in diverse clinical settings. Taught live by Anthony Zipple and Phoebe Atkinson.

Meaning in Life

Learn how to use the right lens to help you see the sources of meaning, using your authenticity, self-understanding, strengths, and values. Taught live by Dr. Michael Steger.

Positive Psychology Coaching


Hone your Positive Psychology Coaching skills with real clients, while participating in a small mentoring circle of fellow student-coaches. This course is only offered as part of the Coaching Certification program. Taught by Phoebe Atkinson and Jennifer Hanawald.

R3SET Stress

A Stress Resilience Course

Learn to unpack stress, understand your mindset and sensory cues, and masterfully engage with the stress response as a valuable and helpful feedback loop. Taught by Megan McDonough & Dr. Michelle McCoy Barrett.

Resilient Quest

(When Life Strikes Hard)

Learn how to navigate difficult moments in life with adaptive and healthy responses, strengthening our capacity to be resilient—bouncing back from stress towards post-traumatic growth. Taught live by Dr. Maria Sirois.

Positive Psychology Coaching

Skill Building Intensive

This online course supports fluency and confid​ence in the steps, skills, and techniques used to help others successfully pursue goals for positive change.
Taught by Phoebe Atkinson and Jennifer Hanawald.

Teaching for

This online course introduces the essential principles of becoming a highly skilled presenter, one who can provide both information and inspiration to audiences in order to facilitate transformation. Taught live by Dr. Maria Sirois.

Writing & Story

The Power of Words

This course is being offered in two sections.

  • Writing Through Fear
  • Storytelling

Both taught live by Dr. Maria Sirois.

Writing Toward Happiness

Seeking the Good

This course is for anyone who seeks to write or find the words to enable wisdom during this time.

A three week mini-course, with 90—minute live webinars.

Taught live by Dr. Maria Sirois.

Learn From Home

Online Modules, Self-directed

These online courses are self-directed, meaning the video lessons are pre-recorded, allowing you to set the pace. You get weekly emails, helping you digest the material at a suggested rate, with action steps and reflections as part of the learning process. These courses are usually four to six weeks long.

Building a Thriving
Coaching Practice

This practical, action-oriented course is designed to help you earn a great living doing the work you love, whether you’re an experienced, new, or aspiring coach. Our comprehensive, step-by-step program walks you through every aspect of building your successful coaching practice. Taught by Lynda Wallace.

Introduction to
Wholebeing Happiness

This course gives you the science and skills to aim towards your highest and best, drawing from the diverse sciences of positive psychology, neurobiology, and the social and behavioral sciences, and using the SPIRE model of well-being. Taught by Megan McDonough.

Living with EASE:

A 30-Day Practice

This 30-Day Practice is designed to create your inner experience, orienting actions and thoughts toward your ideal. Content is informed by the mind-body sciences of yoga, mindfulness, and positive psychology. Taught by Megan McDonough.

Meaning in the Moment

Practical Exercises to See Everyday
Experiences in a New Way

Learn how to use everyday experiences, fleeting moments, mundane routines, and the simple fact of being alive—the small stuff—to deepen the meaning and purpose in your life. Taught by Dr. Michael Steger

Visioning 2020

A Year of Conscious Creation

Big dreams need daily actions. You can align your time to your values to create a schedule that supports you each and every day. This course teaches you how to sculpt the hours in your day. Taught by Gayle Huntress.

What Makes Us

This course dives deeply into the question of “What makes you happy?” Learn the deeper definition of happiness, and explore growth vs. fixed mindset, finding flow, and appreciating the good. Taught by Megan McDonough.

Learn From Home

Free Training

These events and programs are designed to introduce you to topics in the field of well-being, and to give you immediate tools to apply in your life and work.

Positive Psychology Coaching

This evidence-based program is designed to help you become an effective, confident, successful coach using the CHANGE framework for goal attainment. Taught by Lynda Wallace.

Creating Wholebeing Happiness

This program includes video lessons, a workbook, and an e-book, introducing you to the SPIRE model of well-being and a four-step process of engaging mindfully with each day. Taught by Megan McDonough.

Meaning in This Very Moment

Free Masterclass
Discover the Meaning in This Very Moment. Taught by Dr. Michael Steger.


In partnership with Henrique Bueno our Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology is offered in Portuguese, with immersions held in Brazil.