This is the “home base” for CiPP alumni. For easy access, consider bookmarking this page or using the alumni tab above to find everything you’ll need to stay engaged and connected to your community.

Extended learning
Graduates from CiPP can choose to have lifetime access to the course videos as well as revised content when it is updated for a one-time fee. To purchase the extended learning, click here. If you’ve already registered, you can enter the extended learning via the “my courses” tab above.

Alumni Map
This is a free service open to all CiPP graduates designed to help you more easily connect with each other based on geography or speciality. It also helps you promote your work in the world. We consistently get requests, and this is the page we will send people to in order to hire CiPP graduates. Feel free to promote your work here. What would you like potential customers and fellow alumni to know? Simply click the “add button” in the upper right corner of the map on this page and fill out your information. Yes, you can add your photo, videos, and other details. Your link will be added within 3-5 business days after submission. Click here for screenshots and more instructions to guide you.

TA Application
Volunteer teaching assistants play a vital role in supporting and creating a positive and transformative student experience in the CiPP course. By virtue of having completed the program, the CiPP graduates are in the best positions to share that wisdom with current students. Applications are accepted as spaces become available. Check here for updates.

Updated Material
We’ve updated the Positive Psychology tools and interventions from the first immersion. Here’s a free copy for your review to help you on the path to your ideal self. If you’re interested in reviewing the content of the CiPP course you can download the most recent CiPP syllabus here.

Display your Badge
As a CiPP graduate, you can proudly display this icon on your marketing material. Just right click the icon to “save as” onto your computer. If you place the badge on the web, please link to the CiPP Program page.

Continue Learning
Deepen your knowledge by registering for courses that specifically apply CiPP tools as a practitioner, such as the Positive Psychology Coaching course with Lynda Wallace, Teaching for Transformation course with Maria Sirois, and Mindfulness Based Strengths Practice in Coaching with Ryan Niemiec and Donna Mayerson. For a full list of courses, click here.

Become a Partner
You can use the CiPP videos to create a blended learning program that you teach. This gives you the ability to share the courses with others, expand your teaching, and earn a commission each time a referral purchases a course through our Partner Program.

Participate in the Book Study Group and Webinars
Stay engaged in the conversation and continue to learn through books or on the webinars!

Connect through Social Media
Connect with CiPP alumni by interacting on the Facebook group. Connect with WBI on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Attend the Summit
Join our extended positive psychology community of practitioners at the Embodied Positive Psychology Summit.

Write a blog post
We love to post articles written by our alumni. Here are the guidelines for submission.

For those currently in CiPP, here’s a video by one of our alumni about the final project that you may find helpful:

CiPP Final Project Examples with Julie Fillion