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People say, “I don’t want this CiPP course to end…I need more study time.” It’s understandable. There’s so much to take in, sometimes a year (or a lifetime!) is not enough.

Just like any college course, when the class is over, the online lessons go away as the virtual classroom closes after the last immersion.

As a CiPP graduate, you are now alumni of Wholebeing Institute. We’re thrilled to welcome you to the WBI family for the long term!

If you got behind on watching the videos or want to have access for a long time to come, use Extended Learning for lifetime access to current and new CiPP content. With a lifetime subscription, you have access to all the lectures for as long as you want. Use them all to support your personal or professional positive psychology practice.

The most important aspect of Extended Learning is that this is the place where all future updates of the course will live. When we upgrade or refresh content, it will be loaded into this classroom where you will have lifetime access. Yes, really, there is no expiration! We wanted to keep it very simple to administer. Rather than monthly fees, subscriptions, or member dues, it’s just a one-time fee to always have access to the latest and greatest. For example, current updated content includes:

Transitioning with Ease
A program taught by Megan McDonough, CEO of Wholebeing Institute at CiPP3. You can watch the video, and have access to the complete facilitator guide that Megan developed to run the program in the corporate world —complete with exercises, timing, and key learning points (a $295 value).
Three webinars of the lectures presented by Megan at CiPP2 and 3:

  • How Ideas Spread
  • Curiosity, Creativity, and Community
  • Knowledge Networks

We’ll be adding video webinars with guest lecturers–practitioners who are applying this CiPP work in parenting, coaching, therapy, teams and more. These webinar recordings will also be housed in Extended Learning.


Guest Lecturers

Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec, VIA’s Education Director, who will talk about the practical applications of VIA strengths personally and professionally.

Phoebe Atkinson, the TA mentor for CiPP and facilitator of executive leadership programs at Rutgers, who will share how to apply positive psychology in team settings.

Michelle Brode and David Kroopkin, a husband and wife team who attended CiPP1 and 2 individually, will discuss how they used the tools to strengthen their relationship with each other and with their two girls.

Justin Robinson, MEd, Director of the Institute of Positive Education, who will share how he and his staff at Geelong Grammar School integrate the science of positive psychology into the school experience.


In a nutshell, Extended Learning is your lifeline to CiPP for a lifetime. You will always be an invaluable member of our wonderful community! And for that we are forever grateful and fortunate.


Extended Learning Enrollment

Please note, the Extended Learning program is open only to CiPP alumni.

Order Lifetime Access: one-time payment of $495 USD.

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As mentioned, the Extended Learning program is open only to CiPP alumni. If you want to share the CiPP videos with your clients, you’re invited to become a WBI partner.