Who We Are
We are a global education organization dedicated to individual and collective wholebeing. We teach the science and practice of living life to its fullest—spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally, and emotionally. Our offerings draw on the modern science of positive psychology, neuroscience, behavior change, and the world’s wisdom traditions to create transformational learning experiences.
To ignite a wholebeing wave, shifting humanity towards the better by living in harmony with self, each other, and the natural world, as we learn, apply, and serve the good forward.
To be the largest network of wholebeing practitioners, contributing to and catalyzing a better world.
Values guide our reflections, direct our choices, and ground our actions. Values help us remain conscious of what this organization stands for.

We look to this community to model and live into these values, creating an ecosystem of wholebeing practitioners who engage in great and grounded thinking as well as in moral and meaningful action.

The values that guide us at Wholebeing Institute are:

We believe in science. Human flourishing is our birthright. We share research that advances our understanding of flourishing, making it accessible to all, translating academic breakthroughs into lived experiences. This is the science of wholebeing.

We believe in you. Science looks at the average; you know your uniqueness. We create a learning experience in which your unique seed, the core that embodies your individual potential, is nurtured and cultivated. This is the art of wholebeing.

We believe in us. The environment in which we interact shapes us. We foster a community of belonging where it is safe to bring your whole self—both strengths and vulnerabilities—as we walk together into our collective potential. This is the wholebeing community.

We believe in action. Wholebeing is a learned practice. Through dedication and discipline, we practice actions that create a force for good. This is the practice of wholebeing.

We believe in growth. Mistakes and setbacks are the learning laboratory of human life. We give ourselves and others permission to be human, honoring missteps as part of the journey. We own our work, and support others in theirs. We learn, ask questions, and improve. This is wholebeing wisdom.

We live love. Nothing beats love. Each of us matters. This sums up what we do: We teach the pedagogy of love.