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Embodied Positive Psychology Summit: Leadership in Education
Sunday, June 23–Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

Learn from leaders making a positive difference in education at all levels—K–12, higher education, adult learning, and coaching. Drawn from the teachings of positive psychology and social and emotional learning, this summit explores

The importance of meaning to create connectedness that deeply sustains and enlivens the learning environment

The science of character education for transforming individuals, groups, and cultures

The energy of whole-person engagement when lessons are designed with embodied learning in mind

The RISE model of stress resilience, and how it has impacted educator engagement and work longevity.

This summit is for anyone who wants to create more flourishing in their own life—and that of others—through education and the practice of evidence-based tools.

Through keynote lectures, small-group discussions, movement exercises, poster sessions, and case-study sharing, you experience firsthand the latest science supporting mindfulness, resilience, strengths, and positivity for learning that sticks.

Registration Information
Tuition $495 USD + room & meals at Kripalu.

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Presented in partnership with RISE at Kripalu

2019 Keynote Speakers

Michael F. Steger, PhD
Director, Center for Meaning and Purpose

Megan McDonough
General Manager, RISE at Kripalu

Jillian Darwish
President and CEO, Mayerson Academy

Karen Whelan-Berry, PhD
CLO, Wholebeing Institute and Positive psychology practitioner

Edi Pasalis
Director of RISE Programming at Kripalu

Jane Anderson
President, Strength Based Living

Lamis Al-Solaim, PhD
Child psychologist, Chester M. Pierce, MD Division of Global Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

Henrique Bueno
CEO and Founder of Wholebeing Institute Brazil