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Embodied Positive Psychology Summit: Leadership in Education
Sunday, June 23–Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

We are now accepting proposals!

An invitation to share and expand your wisdom.

There is a depth of wisdom in those that attend the Embodied Positive Psychology Summit. That’s why we’re creating explicit opportunities for these rich conversations through poster sessions.

Submit your research, or share your case study of applied research in educational leadership, here.

Case studies should describe how research from positive psychology or other evidence-based fields has been applied in real-life educational settings. Along with the setting, please include the process, specific steps, and the outcome of the case study application.

For research, both qualitative and quantitative data is welcome.

Accepted poster presenters will be required to prepare a 22-by-28-inch poster for public display, and to present their work at the assigned time.

Posters will be selected by a panel of reviewers. To be considered, please apply no later than May 2, 2019. Presenters must be registered for the conference at the time of submission, and will be notified of their selection no later than May 15, 2019.

  • Please include a clear description of the research application of positive psychology (or other evidence-based field), links to prior work/research on the application, demographics of participants, outcomes, and the meaning for others. For research papers, please briefly describe your method.