Cultivating Happiness, Resilience, and Positive Mental Health in the Workplace.

The current mental health crisis doesn’t just impact the well-being of individuals and families—it also impacts the health and culture of organizations. The cost of unhappiness and poor mental health on companies is significant, decreasing productivity and increasing employee turnover, absenteeism, and healthcare expenses.

Employees who report fair or poor mental health have four times more unplanned
absences than those with good mental health—12 days annually vs. 2.5 days.

There’s a simple yet powerful approach called positive psychology that can increase your employees’ sense of well-being and work satisfaction while enhancing collaboration, communication, and productivity—all of which leads to reduced absenteeism and turnover, and higher performance and achievement.

Wholebeing Institute is the worldwide leader in positive psychology training,
educating your staff and supporting a thriving, positive work environment.

The Effects of Happiness at Work

300% more innovation (HBR) 44% Higher retention (Gallup)

37% increase in sales (Seligman)

➤ 31% higher productivity (Greenberg & Arawaka)

➤ 51% less turnover (Gallup)

➤ 66% fewer sick leaves (Forbes)

➤ 125% reduction in burnout (HBR)

Positive Psychology Shifts the Focus

Good mental health is more than the treatment of disorders like anxiety, stress, and depression—it also includes happiness, full engagement with life, and meaningful, healthy relationships.

By using the tools of positive psychology, people change how they look at problems and how they show up for one another, building greater resilience.

Besides fixing what is “wrong,” it’s equally important to focus on what is strong.

Besides fixing what is “wrong,” it’s equally important to focus on what is strong.

Skills Gained

With lessons taught by top faculty via on-demand videos, strengthened with practical handouts and easily engaging exercises, you and your employees will develop skills in:

Attaining Goals with committed, meaningful, day-by-day action

➤ Engaging strengths to enliven and energize you and your team

➤ Planning for happiness using the SPIRE Check-In

➤ Paying attention to purpose for greater focus

➤ Moving forward with conscious, deliberate habits and choices

➤ Connecting with appreciation to elevate relationships, leading to greater personal and work success

Andrea Vacca, Founder

“Understanding and applying the principles of positive psychology, including the importance of having a growth mindset, being resilient, and being mindful, has not only helped me to be a happier lawyer, but also a more successful one as I help my clients navigate their divorces.”

Andrea Vacca, Founder Vacca Family Law Group
Kathleen McLean, President/CEO

“Wholebeing Institute is the worldwide leader of teaching people how to apply positive psychology tools. Their courses have made me a better leader—one who works with less stress and more ease while helping others do the same.”

Kathleen McLean, President/CEO The McLean Collective
Heather Ettinger, Fairport Chairwoman

“Mindfulness and positive psychology have made me a better leader, co-worker, teammate, parent, and partner. And these are the skills Wholebeing Institute is known the world over for teaching.”

Heather Ettinger, Fairport Chairwoman Luma Founder, author of Lumination
Bonny Boice, Founder,

“Wholebeing Institute has been my strategic learning partner for over a decade, supporting my personal growth while enhancing my collaboration, leadership, and systems-thinking skills. If you are looking to build a culture that optimizes human functioning, Wholebeing Institute is the place to go.”

Bonny Boice, Founder,  BGB Consulting and Retreats, LLC
Val Williams, Founder

“A leader’s most important job is to bring the best out of yourself and the people you serve. That is what makes positive psychology essential. This solution-oriented perspective makes a real difference in these uncertain times.”

Val Williams, Founder Influential Presence, LLC
Two Options for Your Workplace:
Engage with Learning

Good for small-team impact, on an as-needed basis for individuals who are struggling, or as a general offering for your entire company to start a conversation around positive mental health. Includes the following programs, with access for a full year:

✓ Living with Ease: A 30-day mindfulness practice that can be done independently or with a group

✓ Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness: Exploring the five aspects of whole-person well-being

✓ What Makes Us Happier: A dive into the deeper meaning and path towards becoming happier

✓ R3SET Stress: Tools for skillfully navigating the stress response

Deepen with Subscription

This option provides broader and deeper organizational impact, a richer library of courses, and quarterly live webinars tailored to your organizational needs. Live webinars with experts in the field connect your team in a new way—around conversations that elevate instead of exhaust, building positive social capital in the process. The subscription option includes all of the Engage with Learning courses, with unlimited access for up to 500 employees for the entire year, along with live quarterly webinars and access to these additional courses:

✓ The Choice to Lead: Realizing Your Best Life through Leadership
✓ Habits: Moving Towards Better
✓ Relationships: Living and Working Well with Others
Engage Investment

$500 per person

(min 10 seats, max 50)
Deepen Investment
$12K annual subscription
for up to 500 employees for the entire year