Meet-the-Faculty Webinars (landing)

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Thanks for your interest in the meet-the-faculty webinar for the Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology (CiWPP)! This is a great opportunity to learn about the course and connect with the CiWPP faculty. Below is a list of all upcoming and recorded meet-the-faculty webinars. We will send a reminder the day before each live event, and a link to the recording following the event.

During the webinar, you’ll hear about the content of the course, the arc of the experience, and how we approach learning. And, of course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about the course.

Be sure to also check out the bonus content highlighting the science of well-being (you’ll find it below the webinar schedule) to get a sense of the content of the certificate course.

Have an immediate question? No need to wait for the webinar! Ask us today. E-mail [email protected] call 541-239-3551.

Webinar Schedule

January 17, 2019
12:00 pm ET
CiPP faculty
General course discussion
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January 22, 2019
7:30 pm ET
CiPP faculty
General course discussion
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Bonus Content

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson
Why Positive Emotions Matter
Dr. Kristen Lindquist
The Chief Scientist in the Lab of You
Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
Perspectives on SPIRE