As CEO of Wholebeing Institute, I am constantly asked to define the organization—what we do, who we are, and why this work is needed. My answer, in a nutshell, is one sentence:

WBI is an educational organization committed to spreading ideas and practices that can help individuals and groups live life to its fullest—spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally, and emotionally.

At the core of WBI is our identity as an educational organization. We teach. Whether a year-long course of study, a weekend program, an online course, through books or other publications, our intention is to share knowledge that fits three criteria: that is based in science, applicable to everyday life, and relevant to our teachers and students.

Teaching at WBI is not a transfer of knowledge just for the sake of knowledge. We teach so you can apply what you have learned—either by explicitly teaching others or implicitly teaching by living the lessons. Skills are honed by daily attention to actions that create positive momentum.

Each person has his or her own unique goals of living a full life. For the leader or manager, it may be to engage a team for positive results. For the parent, it may be to raise a healthy and happy child. For the coach, it may be to inspire clients to articulate and then reach their highest aspirations. We have external goals that when reached, easily provide measurements of success. The heart of a full life, though, is less tangible, very simple, and yet much more momentous.

The heart of living life to the fullest is for you to be you.

Stepping into our own authenticity means we are true to our own unique nature. When we engage our full self, we transform life—our own and others’. The world needs more people who know who they are, who give all that they are, and who act in alignment with their core.

When you live who you are, true to your own exceptionality, you are most powerful. It’s hard to miss—or resist—someone who radiates contentment because they are comfortable in their own skin.

At the end of the day, we all want to look back and know we have put our whole self into life, and that instead of standing at the sidelines awaiting approval or permission, we have jumped wholeheartedly in, living completely, fully, and totally. In doing so, we know that this life—your life—has been the ultimate expression of you.

– Megan

Megan McDonough is CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization co-founded with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. WBI is committed to spreading ideas and practices that can help individuals and groups live life to its fullest. Click here for a course listing.