In this video recorded last year in Sydney, Australia, WBI’s Maria Sirois speaks on finding joy after great loss. Through research, wisdom teachings, anecdotes, and powerful personal stories, Maria explores the concepts of hope, happiness, and resilience. Along the way, she elegantly distills the foundations of positive psychology. Teachers and presenters will find Maria’s talk an inspiring example of how to both engage and inform within a seamless presentation.

Watch now.

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MariaSirois Dr. Maria Sirois, PsyD, is the Vice President of Curriculum at Wholebeing Institute and an inspirational speaker, seminar leader, and author who has worked at the intersections of wellness, psychology, and spirituality for nearly 20 years. As a wellness guide, Maria has been invited to keynote throughout the country at conferences for wellness centers, hospitals, hospices, and philanthropy, business, academic, and corporate institutions, as well as for the general public. She has been called a “true teacher” and “an orator of great power and beauty.” She is the author of “A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (And Other Dark, Difficult Times)” and “Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith, and Resilience from Children Facing Illness”.