waterdrop shutterstock_19245490WBI welcomes a new, ongoing blog by Dr. Maria Sirois called Inspiring Change.

Change is difficult and takes time. We could all use reminders now and then to return us to our focus, streamline our process, and ground us in the wisdom of successfully sustaining positive change for the long haul. Maria shows us how to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of change with these pearls of wisdom each and every Friday.

Along with being our VP of Curriculum, Maria is a psychologist and inspirational speaker who encourages and supports this community in the process of personal/professional transformation. Welcome Maria! I look forward to learning from you, as always.

Megan McDonough is CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization co-founded with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. WBI is committed to spreading ideas and practices that can help individuals and groups live life to its fullest. Click here for a course listing.