BackwardWe ought to be living our lives backward. We ought to stop right now, put the phone down, shut the laptop, and write down exactly what we want our best friend to say about our lives the day we are celebrated in our 95th year. We ought to get really clear about who we want to have become, what we want to have attempted, which mountains we climbed and which clouds we hopped. We want to have the words ready that describe how deeply we loved, how courageously we failed, and then learned and then failed and then learned again and we want to know right now, from whatever corner of the world we inhabit, how we found our way off that corner and crossed a street, a river, an ocean, and found a new friend … or two … or hundreds. Words have power. Words create worlds, to quote our beloved Tal. Let’s create the life, the world we most want by taking a moment right now to write that celebration of our lives just as we want it to be and in so doing, lay down the path for that very life.

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Dr. Maria Sirois, PsyD, is the Vice President of Curriculum at Wholebeing Institute and an inspirational speaker, seminar leader, and author who has worked at the intersections of wellness, psychology, and spirituality for nearly 20 years. As a wellness guide, Maria has been invited to keynote throughout the country at conferences for wellness centers, hospitals, hospices, philanthropy, business, academic and corporate institutions, as well as for the general public. She has been called both a “true teacher” and “an orator of great power and beauty.” Her book, “Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith, and Resilience from Children Facing Illness, was published in 2006.”