by Megan McDonough

There are times when life and work feel very frenzied. I’ve been in that state many times this week with time pressures, my own high expectations, and many deliverables keeping me active. This morning, the day before Thanksgiving here in the States, I’m slowing down. I want to be deliberate with this message to you as I consciously name, savor, and share those things I’m grateful for from this community. I know in my own experience that gratitude will counteract the fast pace. The science supports this, showing gratitude will make both giver and receiver feel better physically, psychologically, and socially.

Writing is incomplete until the reader reads. Reading expands the writing. Seeing deepens the art. Hearing moves the music. Sharing gratitude opens the heart of both giver and receiver. It is in this spirit that I share my blessings with you today. Expand the circle by adding your gratitude in our social community on Facebook or twitter.

I’m grateful to you because…

…hanging out with like-minded people encourages me to do, be, and create more than I could do, be, and create by myself.

…friends give a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough, a shove in the right direction when I’m stuck, and a happy dance to celebrate success.

…ideas from our group give me a grand sandbox to elevate strengths for my own good and for the benefit of others.

…creative thinkers and doers in this community bring their strengths forward, expressing their gifts in a way we all benefit from.

…learning is consistent, engaging, and always wondrous as students become teachers and teachers become students.

…compassion and understanding are abundant in this group.

…questioning, testing, and exploring is acceptable; we look for the right answers together.

…relationships expose hidden gems and illuminate opportunities to grow when others reflect back the best of what they see in us.

…we’re growing together.

May this Thanksgiving (and every day and each moment) be filled with much to be grateful for.


Megan McDonough, Chair and Co-founder of Wholebeing Institute, is the lead faculty for the online Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology modules, and teaches at both immersions. The award-winning author of Infinity in a Box and A Minute for Me, Megan uses divergent thinking and creative perspectives to build organizations and networks that harness the best in people for the greatest good. With a degree in nuclear medicine, senior leadership experience in healthcare, two decades as a yoga practitioner and teacher, and experience directing numerous online-learning start-ups, Megan focuses on how to get from point A to point B through whole-person engagement. A national media source for Fast Company, Yoga Journal, and Woman’s Day, Megan is an explorer at heart, working with the WBI team to navigate the path from dreaming about the summit to actually climbing the mountain.