Dear Earth,

There are times I experience lack … such as not enough money, time, energy, or support. On this day of celebrating you, I want to appreciate, name, and thank you for the very fundamental and essential gifts you give freely and always.

I thank you for the…

…newly sprouting grass I sit on now as I write these words.

…light breeze that enlivens me and the warm sun that hugs my body.

…paper I write on and the pencil I write with … both from your trees.

…green salad and red strawberries you give for lunch.

…safe home you give me through the lumber of your trees, keeping me grounded and protected when the world gets to be too much.

…roof over my head, keeping me dry when you decide to take a shower.

…air you give that keeps me alive. I breathe because of you.

…sound of birds chirping, reminding me that spring has arrived and life is a cycle.

…inspiration of constant creation. Through you, I see growth as natural and organic—no matter the circumstance. Life always strives to live.

…quiet stillness, the moss muffling all but your music and the sound of my heart.

…loud crinkle of dried leaves as I walk in the forest, reminding me that my footsteps are unique, each step a declaration of the sacred duty to savor this life.

…grand sight of mountains in the far distance and the bend in the dirt road ahead, showing me the value of both long-term goals for tomorrow and the hidden possibilities of today.

…steady pace and reliable rhythm of your spin, allowing me to know a dark night of rest and a bright day to work, play, and grow.

…time, lighting a fire of urgency that compels me to live life now—waiting is a waste.

…surprising sight of the black bear in my backyard, reminding me to notice novelty and the unexpected even in predictable cycles.

…quick, high energy of spring, the deep stillness of winter, the abundance of summer, and the letting-go transition of fall, inviting me to honor and work with each moment’s rhythm.

…solid stones for a fireplace that radiates heat with the warmth of your wood through the coldest winters.

…vibrant color of happy daffodils after a long winter.

…open, flat ground where I lie prone, hugging you when I feel sad, overwhelmed, or exhausted. You feed my soul.

…wonder of it all. You remind me that lack is an illusion in the face of your huge abundance.


MeganMegan McDonough is CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization co-founded with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. WBI is committed to spreading ideas and practices that can help individuals and groups live life to its fullest.
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