As the end of the year approaches, we offer a heartfelt thank you to our faculty, friends, and alumni who have presented for the WBI/JCC Positive Psychology Hour series in 2022. Each presenter has shared their knowledge and talent to serve the greater good. 

This archive is treasure trove of wisdom. Access all in the Webinar section of our blog. (Make sure you click “older entries” or “newer entries” on the bottom to see all that are available.)

After curating these programs since the series began in 2020, in response to the COVID shutdown, Phoebe Atkinson is passing the torch—handing the role of curator on to her collaborator Caroline Kohles, host of the series and Senior Director of Wellness at the JCC Manhattan. Caroline, who was recently the recipient of the WBI Community Connector Award, will continue to bring her signature strengths of learning, leadership, and hope as she moves the series forward as both curator and host.

Our deepest thanks to Phoebe, who made the Positive Psychology Hours happen by being the driving force for good. Thank you, Phoebe, for your amazing capacity to connect community through meaningful content and experiences. You have made a difference in many, many lives, including my own. 

Below are the fruits of her labors—all our 2022 webinars, with links so you can continue to savor the good. 

Here’s to an amazing 2023. May it be our best year yet. 


Say ‘Yes’ to Something New, with Jude Treder Wolff

The Metaphor Mirror, Part 1: Reflecting Our Present and Future Selves, with Melissa Johnson Carissimo

Toward a Positive Medicine: Bridging the Gap Between Health and Happiness, Part 1, with Jordyn Feingold

Who Do You Want to Be in 2022?, with Jodi Wellman

Should I Be Part of the Great Resignation?, with Susan Peppercorn

Languishing to Flourishing in 2022, with Sandy Campbell

Inducing Vitality: Strategies from the Field of Positive Psychology, with Lorraine Gahles-Kildow

How to Cultivate Awe in Your Everyday Life, with Shawn Fink  



Ignite Your Joy, with Joy Stone

The Metaphor Mirror, Part 2: Embodying our Future Selves with Sense-Metaphor, with Melissa Johnson Carissimo

Beating Burnout with Character Strengths, with Ruth Pearce

Toward a Positive Medicine: Bridging the Gap Between Health and Happiness, Part 2, with Jordyn Feingold

Love 3.0, with Megha Nancy Buttenheim 

Positive Sexuality, with Ari Lewis

 Aligning Values and Transformative Change: Setting Equity and Justice Intentions, with Gwendolyn Van Sant  

Embracing a New Vision of Aging, with Sheryl Towers 



Unplug, Unwind, Unwrap:  Masterful Self-Care in a Time When the World Needs Us Most, with Maria Sirois

Preaching Happiness: Positive Psychology to Create a Just and Joyful World, with Ginny Sassaman  

Meanderings Through Meaning A Multi-Faceted Approach, with Deb Levin 

Raising Resilient Teens, with Sherry Kelly and Kaitlin Kelly 

Using G.R.A.C.E  to Navigate Towards Peace, with Caroline Kohles and Winnalee Zeeb

Living Life with Intention, with Katherine Libonate 

Envisioning Your Family at Its Best, with Michelle Brode 

The Two-Year Milestone: Honoring Our Time Together, with Megan McDonough, Caroline Kohles, and Phoebe Atkinson 


Whole Body Reset, with Heidi Skolnik and Eve Isaacson 

Your Personal Freedom and Freedom in the World, with Rabbi Debra Orenstein

Journey from Mitzrayim: Exploring Personal Freedom with Passover as a Guide, with Amanda Davidowitz

A Moment to PAUSE, with Jill White

Managing Yourself in Stressful Times, with Mina Simhai 



Back to Basics, withStephanie Jalinos, Phoebe Atkinson, and Caroline Kohles

How to Prevent Burnout + Prolonged Stress: Town Hall, with Ruth Pearce 

Neurographic Drawing, aka Art for Non-Artists, with Michelle Brode 

Using Our Character Strengths: Self-Regulation, with Marjorie Aunos and Paul Nawrocki

Can We Synergize our biochemistry with Our Mind?, with Tina Hallis



Happiness and Elite Performance, with Cristiana Pinciroli

Tuning Into Your ‘INNERnet,’ with Caroline Kohles and Winalee Zeeb   

Savoring Small Joys for Finding Meaning + Making Positive Change, with Caren Osten 

Character Strengths Helped Change My Narrative in Facing Adversity, with Marjorie Aunos


In Search of Resilience—with Humor, Perseverance + Hope: What I Learned from the Pandemic, with Joanne Edgar  

Repent, Restore + Repair: A Positive Psychology Look at Seeking Forgiveness, with Nancy Polsky

Living Life to the Fullest, with Yasmin Abadian 

Ambiguous Loss, with Nancy Kirsner



Moving Into Action—How to Make Things Stick!, with Nancy Kirsner + Caroline Kohles  



Life Is in The Transitions: Telling the New Story, with Nancy Kirsner and Phoebe Atkinson

Courageous Choices in Times of Transition, with Nancy Fliss and Michele Ruskino



Youth Positive, with Molly Dahl

Learning From Our Regrets to Boost Vitality and Meaning in Life, with Jodi Wellman

Relationship with Self, with Philipp Hartman


Do You Seek to Live Your Life on Purpose, Instead of By Accident?, with Sherry Kelly and Gerard Meyer

The Metaphor Mirror, Part 3: Hope is Alive in the Poetry of You, with Melissa Carissimo

Discovering Joy During Challenging Times, with Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Gratitude—The Queen of All Virtues: A Deeper Dive, with Nancy Kirsner

The Blessings of Regret, with Rabbi Debra Orenstein



Scare Your Soul, with Scott Simon

Keepers of the Lore, with Nancy Polsky

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Megan McDonough

Megan McDonough

As the founder of Wholebeing Institute, Megan McDonough leads with divergent thinking and creative perspectives to build organizations and networks that harness the best in people for the greatest good. She has decades of leadership experience in diverse settings, in roles ranging from Alliance Manager of a $300 million relationship at DuPont; to General Manager of RISE at Kripalu, the largest yoga retreat center in North America; to numerous online-learning startups. A yoga enthusiast, Megan has practiced for more than 20 years and taught for more than a decade, and brings that mindfulness practice to her leadership. Her degree in biology, natural science, and nuclear medicine has little to do with her current work, and everything to do with her radically receptive approach to life. She is the award-winning author of four books on living mindfully.