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Life is full of inflection points. Divorce, career upheaval, illness, empty nests, retirement, and other life-changing events are full of uncertainty and stress. But what if those difficulties could become the doorways to positive possibilities? When approached in the right way, these challenges hold the opportunity to explore, strengthen, and move towards happiness.

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Join Paula Felps and Megan McDonough, Founder of Wholebeing Institute, and see how to take the next step toward happiness. Learn how the challenges you’re facing today — no matter how daunting they seem — actually hold the opportunity to explore, strengthen, and reshape your life.

Why SPIRE for Well-being?

By taking the whole into account, the greatest well-being can be realized. We call that wholebeing; and we use the term as our definition of happiness.

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Sharing the Nest Again: How to Navigate Having Your College Student Home for the Summer

by Caren OstenIf you're the parent of a college student, chances are you're navigating their return to the next this month. For some,...

A Visualization Exercise to Step into Your Goddess Power

I have found it is hard for us as women to tap into our higher selves, which is why the Goddess or Goddess Warrior archetype is so...

Two Women with a Map: An Excerpt from the Award-Winning Book Be the Magic

Do you ever experience that the universe provides exactly what you need, exactly when you need it? Not before or after, but exactly at...

An Interview with Artist and CiWPP Graduate Syd Hap

For Syd Hap, a graduate of Wholebeing Institute's Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology, art is an avenue for healing as well as...

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be a Good Thing

When I was young, my grandfather, “Zeyda,” used to take his eight grandchildren to IHOP almost every Sunday. We somehow smushed into his...
Kathy Washburn

“Wholebeing Institute allowed me to completely turn around a life focused on what I wasn’t good at to focusing on my positive strengths.”

Kathy Washburn Founder, Carved By Cancer
Scott Shapiro, MD

“My psychiatry practice has been re-energized, as I incorporate these Positive Psychology lessons, including how to be more present, listen more deeply and empathically, and be more generous in my own life.”

Scott Shapiro, MD Adult ADHD Psychiatrist + Executive Coach
Rebecca Soni,

“The Certificate in Positive Psychology motivated me to get my ideas shaped into what I wanted to achieve. My final project was a rough version of what RISE became.”

Rebecca Soni,  Six-time Olympic medalist, founder of RISE Elite Athletes
Michael Silverstein,

“The Wholebeing Institute CIPP course has been the most powerful and important training program I have ever been exposed to. I use it every day.”

Michael Silverstein, Private Equity Investor