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Meals with Mentors and Peer Presentations

We are now accepting proposals!

An invitation to share and expand your wisdom

Ever notice how some of the best moments at a conference come during informal chats with your peers? That’s because a connected community is the cornerstone of learning. Informal conversations about subjects that are pertinent to you and your specific situation, with people who are equally passionate about that subject, make for the most valuable exchanges of wisdom.

That’s why we’re creating explicit opportunities for these rich conversations. At the Embodied Positive Psychology Summit, you’ll have two unique opportunities to leverage connections to answer the questions that are most meaningful to you.

If you’d like to help facilitate one of these conversations, or present on a topic you’re passionate about, we’d love to hear from you! You may submit a proposal in one of two categories:


Category 1: Meals with Mentors Sessions

The ideal self is an aspirational image we hold in our heart and mind, an image of who we want to be. The ideal and the real (where we are today) can seem miles apart. The beauty of being human, though, is that we can consciously sculpt who we are to become who we want to be. This reshaping is always informed and molded by those around us. In these mentoring circles, you share a meal with a small group of people who are interested in discussing how to get farther along a specific path—at work, at home, or within the self. In this informal conversation, you offer tools and techniques and, most importantly, listen, as the group discusses how to make forward progress toward a bigger vision. You decide on the mentoring topic; participants (six maximum) sign up ahead of time based on interest. Handouts are fine; no PowerPoints, please (it’s a conversation, not a presentation).


Category 2: Peer Presentations

You’ve amassed wisdom that can benefit other positive psychology practitioners, and maybe you have not yet shared that wisdom with others. Rather than hang posters, as is the norm at conferences, this is an opportunity to distill your wisdom, research, and application of key concepts in a short TED-like talk during an informal lunch/dinner-and-learn session. In these peer presentations, you summarize the core themes and applications of your work in positive psychology, sharing your experience, expertise, and knowledge with other conference attendees. Because these peer presentations are designed to create connections, please include activities that encourage conversation among participants. Total time for the presentation and conversation is 15 minutes.


The Process

Facilitators and presenters for both categories will be selected by a panel of reviewers. To be considered for either category, please provide the following information no later than March 21, 2017. Presenters must be registered for the conference at the time of submission, and will be notified of their selection no later than March 31, 2017.

Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to complete all required information.

Registration Information for the

Embodied Positive Psychology Summit:

Summit Tuition: $595, plus room and meals.

Master Class Tuition: $195, plus room and meals.

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