As the end of the year approaches, we want to travel back to the beginning, because we want to give thanks.

In March, New York City was considered the epicenter of the COVID pandemic. At that time, Wholebeing Institute joined its resources with the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan. ​The goal was simple: How can we help? Without being together physically, how could we connect virtually to offer critical tools for building resilience throughout our shared struggle?

Out of that desire came the daily Positivity Hour, ​a break in the middle of the day when positive psychology practitioners from around the world gave freely of their knowledge and talent to serve the greater good. Faculty, friends, and alumni of the many WBI programs presented on a wide variety of topics, lending support to New Yorkers and beyond as the pandemic spread. To view the recording, visit the Webinar section of the blog. Make sure you click “older entries” or “newer entries” on the bottom to see all available.

We wanted to take a moment today to acknowledge the good that was done by all those wise teachers to help us through. These teachers facilitated more than 70 lunch-and-learn webinars, directly touching thousands of people:

Alan Brown
Amy Albert 
Audrey B. Carlson
Barbara Fredrickson 
Caren Osten 
Caroline Kohles
Caroline Miller
Catherine Flavin
Cindy Stack
Claudia Aronowitz
Dan Lerner
Dan Tomasulo
Dana Hilmer
Deb Levin
Debbie Toomey
Denise Fowler
Donna Martire
Dr. Sherry Kelly 
Elisha Goldstein
Elizabeth Whitney
Elke Paul
Ellen Feig
Fatima Doman 
Gary Redfeather (Keil) 
Hanna Perlberger 
Harriet Cabelly
Henrique Bueno
Hisla Bates
Jane Anderson
Jane Farnham
Jean Campbell
Jennifer Groves
Jennifer Hanawald
Jim McNerney
Jody Hoffer Gittel 
Jude Treder-Wolff
Karen Whelan-Berry
Kathy Washburn
Kelly McGonigal 
Laura Belsten
Laura Garrison-Brook
Laurel Burns
Linda Jackson 
Lori Tuominen
Lousia Jewell
Luisa Carter
Mahesh Pamnani
Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Margarita Tarragona
Maria Sirois
Megan McDonough
Megha Nancy Buttenheim
Michael Steger
Michele Rusinko
Mikael Kamber 
Mina Simhai
Nancy Kirsner
Natalie Hoerner 
Paula Sacco 
Petra Kolber
Phoebe Atkinson
Richard Präter
Ruth Pearce
Ryan Niemiec
Saakshi Tikku
Sandy Campbell
Scott Barry Kaufman
Shawn Fink 
Sherry Kelly
Sonya Tinsley-Hook
Stephen Redmon
Susan Lurger
Susan Peppercorn 
Tal Ben Shahar 
Tami Muller
Tony Zipple
Trish Walden
Uneeda O. Brewer
Val Williams
Warren Goldstein-Gelb 
Yaroslav Aristeiguieta
We give our deepest appreciation to all of you. We know that positive emotions buffer resilient people, increase coping skills, and fuel our ability to thrive. Each of you singular voices has been an active ingredient in making the series such a success.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You made a difference.

Please join us in giving thanks by adding your note of gratitude below.

Phoebe Atkinson
Megan McDonough
Caroline Kohles
The Positivity Hour Team