Leading Ourselves Toward Happiness

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, who developed the Certificate in Positive Psychology program, likes to point out that there is no one magic bullet. Instead, when we learn about positive psychology research, and apply the interventions in our own life, over time we can lead ourselves toward greater happiness.

Even so, students do tell us that the experience of the certificate program is magical. Here’s what Juli Dempsey, a graduate of the program, had to say about her experience in a video interview with YogaHub TV at the recent FACES Wisdom and Compassion Conference in San Diego. She begins by telling us how she was attracted to the program in her role as a team builder within in her professional life, then shares how the format brings out the magic between her and her fellow students.

In the second video, Megan McDonough, CEO of Wholebeing Institute, explains how this the course is organized, from a more practical standpoint.

Come experience it for yourself: Sign up now for this year’s course, which begins in September and includes our first-ever West Coast immersion sessions.

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