First Ever CiPP Alumni Celebratory Conference

Join Together – Appreciate the Good – Change the World
Friday, March 7 through Sunday, March 9, 2014 at Kripalu

Where colleagues from CiPP1 and CiPP2 join together to celebrate our movement in activating Positive Psychology globally.

Registration is now open! Register online or call Kripalu at 1-866-200-5203.



This conference seeks to deepen our positive psychology practices, sharpen our skills, share our learnings, and celebrate our community as we grow our ability to live and contribute with integrity, balance, courage, and creativity in our lives, work, and relationships.

This weekend is a combination of faculty presentations, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, and fun community building. Here are some highlights from the schedule:

Friday night: a community welcome led by Megan along with alumni leader Beulah Trey, where CiPP1 and CiPP2 classes get to know each other.

Saturday morning: Tal unveils the 12 principles of whole person well-being, giving you a sneak peek at the book Tal, Megan, and Maria are writing called the Wholebeing Manifesto.

Saturday Noon: Let Your Yoga Dance session with Megha or Yoga Nidra with CiPP alumni Hallie Love.

Saturday afternoon: CiPP alumni workshops:

ADHD and Positive Psychology: Resilience in Action with Roxanne Fouche and Mindy Katz

Why does Mattering Matter: The Yearning for Love, Power, and Belonging with Maria McManus

Humor for Everyone with Stuart Cohen

It Only Takes a Spark with Gary and Jenn Keil, Phoebe Atkinson and Catherine McNeil

Saturday night: Storytime with cookies and milk!

Sunday morning: Making an Impact workshop with Megan and a warm group send off with Maria.

Alumni Leaders
Irene McHenry
Beulah Trey

Tuition is $225 plus room and board.

Registration is now open! Register online or call Kripalu at 1-866-200-5203.