Lisa Johnston is a WBI-trained Positive Psychology Coach with a background in design and marketing, as well as yoga and physical fitness. Her knowledge and experience in these industries gives her the opportunity to connect with a wide audience with a broad range of interests and goals. Catch up with what Lisa’s been doing below!

What inspired you to sign up for a course with Wholebeing Institute?

I have been interested in the field of positive psychology for several years. I wanted to incorporate it into my professional career, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing so. After doing my research, I decided that WBI seemed like the place for me to get started. I tested the waters by taking Megan McDonough’s introductory course , and after the first two weeks, I was hooked. I took the leap and dove into the WBI Positive Psychology Coaching Certification program.

Do you apply your positive psychology training more in your personal or your professional space?

The WBI program helped me to integrate my positive psychology training in a way where it naturally manifests in all areas of my life. It has enhanced my personal relationships, helped me to be a more positive person, and taught me when and which tools to use with my coaching clients.

Was there one lesson in particular that spoke to you?

That’s a hard one to answer, because so much spoke to me, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the lesson on how to use positive inquiry when coaching. The shift from problem solving to what’s working is brilliant. It feeds directly into Barbara Fredrickson’s Broaden and Build Theory, which I also love.

Did the scope of your life and/or work change after WBI?

Yes. After completing the Skill-Building Intensive at Kripalu, I decided that I really want to work toward being a full-time positive psychology life coach. I don’t have enough clients to make it my full-time gig yet, but I’m moving in that direction.

I am also currently developing a health and fitness program for women that integrates positive psychology, healthy eating, yoga, and other fitness modalities, as well as an element of “group coaching.” I’m also working toward hosting yoga and positive psychology retreats—I would love to lead a retreat in Tuscany in the next couple of years. I’m excited to combine my life and career experience with my knowledge of positive psychology in a way that will help people better their lives in a holistic way.

I would encourage anyone who is curious or interested in learning about positive psychology to dip their toe in with WBI. Once you have tested the waters, you will see that these amazing programs can change your life. The instructors are warm and knowledgeable, and they do a great job of creating an inclusive community of likeminded people who are there to support you and cheer you on.

Learn more about Lisa’s work at, on Instagram at @lisajohnstoncoaching, and on Facebook.

Before becoming a Positive Psychology Coach, Lisa Johnston had thriving careers in the fields of design/marketing, and yoga/physical fitness. During her design career, she worked as an artist agent, college instructor, art director, commercial illustrator, and graphic designer, with clients ranging from the Hollywood Reporter to Converse. Lisa is also a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, certified TRX coach, and group fitness instructor. She served as the creator, program director, and master trainer for Ahnu Shoes (Decker Outdoor), where she developed a “fusion” yoga/athletic workout called Yogasport. Lisa has led certified teacher trainings and presented nationally at Yoga Journal Live conferences, the Empower Fusion Conference, Outdoor Retailer conferences, and more.