What if you looked at everything in your life as an opportunity to become more powerful and in control of the way you experience life and the things you magnetize into your world?

You always have a choice in how you perceive anything and everything. This is an incredible power and skill to master, because how you view something shapes it.

How would things in your world change if you began to look at every experience through the lens that it has value and wisdom to reflect back to you?

Imagine that everything could be a catalyst for miracles to manifest in your life, relationships, business, health and happiness. 

Consider these questions …

1. What are the types of people, experiences and things you want to attract more of into your life now? 

2. What type of people, experiences and things are you currently attracting into your life (compared to what you wish to attract)?

3. In what ways is this mirroring something you could clean up in your own life? 

4. What words do you wish people to associate with you?

5. How can you better infuse this energy into yourself and the way you are showing up in life? 


I encourage you to journal your thoughts/answers to these questions to help you gain wisdom around what you are currently attracting, and around what you would like to become more intentional about drawing into your life in the year to come. Happy New Year!

Joy Stone

Joy Stone

Joy Stone is a Positive Psychology Life Coach and a yoga teacher. She combines the yoga tradition with modern positive psychology to help people move beyond anxiety, fear, and overwhelm, without medication or traditional talk therapy, so they can move forward in life and thrive. Joy works with individuals and groups from all over the country via phone and Skype, and locally in the Nashville area. Find out more at joystonecoaching.com.