by Megan McDonough

As the season changes here in New England, so does my wardrobe. It’s time to assess my clothes—deciding what to get rid of, what to keep, and what I need to buy for the colder weather.

Author and leadership expert Jim Collins poses three questions that companies need to ask when taking disciplined action to move from good to great:

  • 1. What tactics need to go?
  • 2. Which ones stay?
  • 3. What needs to be added?

These are the same questions we could ask ourselves about our habits.

When you’ve been successful in making positive change, what aspects were present that allowed you to create the desired change? Share your keys to success below, as we build a community conversation.

We’re very close to unrolling our latest and greatest tool for positive habit formation. As always, your feedback helps shape our thinking. Let’s hear from you: What worked for creating positive change? I can’t wait to hear from you.

As the colors of the leaves shift along with my wardrobe, I’m reminded of what does endure—the human capacity to shape life towards the good.

Megan Megan McDonough is CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization co-founded with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. WBI is committed to spreading ideas and practices that can help individuals and groups live life to its fullest.

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