Over the past few months, millions of people have joined the Great Resignation driven by many pandemic-related realizations—about family time, remote work, commuting, passion projects, life, and death—that can make you turn your back on the 9-to-5 office grind.

The pandemic has created an opportunity to reimagine your best work life. Should you stay or should you leave your job? How do you decide? What questions do you need to ask yourself before walking away?

Regardless of whether you stay or leave, you need to take specific steps to negotiate your worth or make your best next career move. If you want to move up in your company or consider pivoting to something new, this webinar will help you decide and prepare.

Susan Peppercorn

Susan Peppercorn is an executive coach and career strategist who helps leaders navigate challenges with passion and compassion. Clients benefit from Susan’s coaching through increased self-awareness, improved business performance, stronger working relationships, and greater wellbeing. Susan is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and Fast Company and is a sought-after workshop facilitator on career management, resilience, personal branding, and creativity.