As an organizational development and human resources professional, Paul has been working with managers and leaders for 20 years, teaching skills that help them succeed in the workplace. Little did he know that he would graduate from the Positive Psychology program at the Wholebeing Institute and the Chief Happiness Officer program developed by the World Happiness Summit with a fresh and empowering take on what it means to be a leader in the workplace — and in our own lives. In his program, Positive Psychology and the Art of Leadership, discover how implementing positive psychology practices in all aspects of our lives can make us better leaders.  

Paul Papierski

Paul has an extensive background in employee and manager development, performance improvement, coaching employees and facilitating leadership programs having worked with non-profits and municipalities for 20+years. He’s the owner of North Trail Coaching and Consulting. He’s a certified practitioner of Wholebeing Positive Psychology and recently obtained his certification as a Chief Happiness Officer.  Paul holds an Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation, as well as a Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional credential. He currently resides in Southern Vt but has his eye on the southwest desert.  Paul is the owner of North Trail Coaching and Consulting, and currently helps managers and leaders flourish and succeed at a large higher education institution. In his spare time, you can find him hiking and walking the wooded trails of Vermont, planning upcoming travel, and tending to his honeybee hives.