Running the gamut from having mapped the entire human genome to being able to shoot holes in space, we are used to the idea of being in control. Except when we’re not. These days, the loss of control, combined with the swiftness of change affecting every aspect of our lives, has stressed some of us to the hilt and exacerbated certain traits, such as perfectionism. This program takes a unique look at Chanukah as one of the birthplaces of perfectionism, and offers some strategies from the field of Positive Psychology—including optimism and mindset—in order to bring light to the dark side of this personality trait.

Hanna Perlberger

A family law attorney of 20 years, Hanna is an alumni and former faculty member with WBI’s Certificate in Positive Psychology. Hanna was fascinated by the connections she saw between Positive Psychology and Judaism; but beyond those conceptual comparisons were tools Hanna thought she could use to help her connect more deeply and authentically to her observance. Judaism is great with telling you how to be, such as judging favorably or being happy with your lot, without necessarily providing the how-to so as to go about doing it.  These connections started making the Torah come alive for her in a new and personal way. Hanna started a weekly blog called “Positive Parsha,” looking at the weekly Torah portion with a Positive Psychology twist. Those blogs evolved into her book, A Year of Sacred Moments: The Soul Seeker’s Guide to Inspired Living, which leads the reader through a guided journey of the Torah. A natural alignment with CiPP is coaching, and Hanna became certified in several coaching modalities. Synthesizing all the things Hanna loves to do, she is launching the Shalom Bayit Project, to help Jewish couples and singles learn how to build the “Peaceful Home” from the ground up; and in going beyond “traditional” matters of the heart, Hanna supports individuals in cultivating inner peace, resilience, and positivity during challenging times.