As an architect, Alice Dommert designed buildings and exhibits around the world for zoos and botanic gardens. She understood how to design and build spaces and experiences. It appeared that life, too, could be designed. Yet life’s cycles eventually reveal that life cannot conform to the narrow banks of the expected. Alice discovered, like her favorite heroine, Alice in Wonderland, she’d lost her “muchness.” The journey began as a 30-day challenge, among the trees in a small wood near her home. Days stretched into years, and the isolation of the COVID pandemic. Walking slowly, she followed the trees’ “hints of gladness” and bowed often at the daily offerings of nature’s beautifully choreographed dance. The chapters of her story unfolded, and positive psychology practices became the points of a new compass, a framework to guide her journey.  Join this program to discover a positive psychology compass to guide your heroine’s/hero’s journey

Alice Dommert

Alice Dommert is a Wholebeing Architect and the founder and CEO of Prasada, a collective of health, leadership, and wholebeing professionals. The team at Prasada believes that everyone has the desire to thrive—to live a life of health, purpose and joy. They serve as committed guides to help busy people discover, land build wholebeing practices―habits of awareness for mind and body, as the path to grow and thrive. Alice is a licensed architect and exhibit designer, writer, speaker, and consultant with training in yoga and mindfulness, breathwork, and a certified as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. In addition, she holds a certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute and trained in leadership development with the Preeminent Growth Collaborative. She is committed to continually learning, testing, and living wholebeing practices of mind and body.