Laughter Yoga or Laughercise is an amazing happiness-generating exercise that anyone can do at any time. It has been scientifically proven to reduce physical, emotional, and mental stress. It reduces pain and is great for detox, weight loss, anti-aging, and combating anxiety and depression. It also boosts positive emotions and energy levels, and massages our internal organs, Discover the science behind laughter yoga as we do 15 to 20 unique exercises.

Mahesh Pamnani

Mahesh Pamnani is the founder and chief happiness officer at Inspire2Aspire Consulting, as well as a Laughter Yoga teacher and active yoga practitioner. He has 11+ years’ experience designing and delivering health, happiness, and wellness workshops all over Hong Kong for a wide range of industries and organizations. He has a BS in mathematics and has studied positive psychology under Dr. Tal Ben Shahar at the Wholebeing Institute. He has led sessions at leading conferences such as TEDxHongKong, CSR Asia, Future Workplace Forum, and Women Extraordinaire Forum. Thousands of people have benefited from his workshops.