Empty nesters are suddenly finding themselves in one of two situations: with young adults back in their space, home from school or working from home, or separated from their children who live out of the family home and unable to visit as normal. Important milestones for both children and parents, like graduations or weddings, have been lost. While each individual’s experience is unique, we share the common experience of this storm that we have been thrust into. In this session, Paula will share tools to use this time for self-reflection, helping you find purpose and connection.

Paula Sacco

Paula Sacco is a certified life coach with an additional certification in positive psychology. She specializes in coaching women during times of transition, like divorce, and is passionate about teaching about our power to create our own happiness. She teaches techniques to boost positive emotions like love, joy, gratitude, pride, awe, serenity, and hope, all of which have been proven to increase creativity, improve relationships, and expand opportunities. Paula’s signature THRIVE coaching program is based on the premise that a person’s true desire is to find meaning and purpose while being seen for who they truly are. She works with clients individually over the phone, in person through group coaching, and through local and international retreats.