Lulu will explore the differences between charity, community service, philanthropy, and Service Learning. She will show how to exercise SPIRE in service-learning as she talks about the importance of the volunteer, caregiver roles, and the positive emotions of sharing your gifts through service.

Maria Luisa "Lulu" Carter

Born in Sao Paulo, Maria Luisa (“Lulu”) Carter began her professional career in education, the arts, and community service in Rio de Janeiro, before moving first to Europe and then to the United States 20 years ago. With her extensive travels and degrees from Brazil in Speech Therapy, Design, Psychodrama, and a Masters/Science and Education from Southern Connecticut University. Lulu views the world through an eclectic and multicultural prism. Her work reflects this approach, as she has initiated projects combining education, community service, and arts throughout Brazil (including programs for street children in Rio and a sustainable eco-tourism project at the Acajatuba Village in the Amazon where SAS Field programs will visit). Lulu is the Co-Founder of Destination Partners Travel Management Company & House of Gaia Non-Profit Organization. Lulu has a particular interest in providing services to children with different abilities and special needs. Together with her team, she is responsible for developing, teaching and directing education programs at House of Gaia and in around the world.