In this webinar Lena will share a Positive Psychology Workshop that she designed for emerging adults. We will also explore how the circumstances brought on by the pandemic has made many of us more similar to these emerging adults and with this in mind we will learn some foundational positive psychology concepts and tools from her workshop.   Lena will introduce us to the what how and why of: crafting future goals; setting intentions, practicing gratitude, working with the ‘Ideal Self’ and how to use our strengths to activate flow states.

Lena Lissitskaya

Lena Lissitskaya works as a change management and program management expert in sales in software industry for over 15 years in various settings from a technology start-up to well established enterprise companies.  She is also a certified mindfulness instructor trained with MBSR, Koru mindfulness and mindfulness at schools. She has served as a Teaching Assistant for two years at Whole being institute after completing Certificate in Positive Psychology. Lena has served as a Wellness Advisor at Harvard College where she has been teaching mindfulness and pp workshops to college students.  Lena is originally from Saint-Petersburg in Russia. She has Masters degree in Psychology and Linguistics