Using tools and techniques from the science and art of mindfulness and positive psychology, this session will empower you to catalyze change to achieve your ideal self in everyday life during these complex times. Experience the synergistic effects and benefits of embodied mindfulness for yourself as we walk through the session together. We will build on a simple centering practice to help you become the leader of your own life. Mindfulness can be used to amplify the power of positive psychology and promote personal and professional well-being and individual and organizational growth and success. The cyclic process allows mindfulness and positive psychology techniques to continuously enhance each other.

Susan Lurger

Susan Lurger, Coach/Mindful Facilitator, has been certified as a Change Management Expert by the renowned Prosci Institute and is a practicing positive psychology coach, with a certificate from the Wholebeing Institute. A yoga and mindfulness teacher, she has worked with clients from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Bank of England, Barclays, Bloomberg, Google, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, and many more.