by Megan Megan McDonough

How would you be if you knew who you are would always be welcomed? Life is short. Don’t wait to be who you are, and to give yourself to the world—we need it. You’re enough.

I’ve been contemplating the idea of “being enough” as it relates to our WBI community. What would it be like to be in community with people who give their whole self—unabashedly and boldly? To make a big difference, to leave a legacy bigger than any one person, demands the power of giving it all.

To dig deeper into the question, I’ve been watching and reading the work of Dr. Henry Mintzberg, an internationally renowned management academic and author, who proposes that we rebuild companies as communities.

How do we build WBI as a community, with you at the center? Rather than casting the CEO as the heroic leader, or the CLO as the ultimate guru, how do we tap into the genius of the practitioner for implementing social change? (And, by practitioner, I mean you—the person who takes the science of positive psychology and well-being into your own life, personally and professionally.)

A major component of this company-as-community idea is a structure in which small groups coach themselves to be change agents and problem solvers. For our take on positive psychology coaching, check out the spring course, which is now open for registration. As with coaching, any small group work for communities of practice needs to be woven into a larger network, creating a web of communication that benefits all. That’s a conversation I want to be part of.

In the words of systems thinker, author, and consultant Meg Wheatley, “Whatever the issue, communities are the answer.” Not only are you enough, but, together, we’re more than enough.

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Megan McDonough is CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization co-founded with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. WBI is committed to spreading ideas and practices that can help individuals and groups live life to its fullest.
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