Community for Applied Positive Psychology


The CAPP participants will also plan the inaugural CiPP Alumni Capstone Weekend at Kripalu, scheduled for March 7-9, 2014!

Megan McDonoughWelcome to CAPP!

It’s great to have space (virtually and mentally) to continue the good work started through the Certificate in Positive Psychology program. This is our collective canvas – the place to exchange ideas on how we are applying positive psychology tools in our personal and professional lives.

Let’s close the loop on loose ends from our immersion. You can find Tal’s PowerPoint presentations, the class photo, and the flash mob dance video on the bulletin board.

Looking forward to more fun adventures, continual curiosity and learning, and the comfort that comes from belonging to a community of like-minded friends.

I’m glad you are here.

In service,

The CAPP program is open only to CiPP graduates. The program fee supports the operations of the online community, including the creation of a fund to be allocated by the community in support of its priorities. For more details see the complete program overview.

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