Join our Positive Psychology Hour as we prepare for Thanksgiving with happiness trainer Yaroslav Aristeiguieta. In this session, Yaroslav will guide us to understand gratitude more deeply and how we can boost this strength to transform the way we experience the ups and downs of life. When we boost our gratitude superpower we shift our attention to all that is positive, filling us with the energy we need to move forward and accomplish our goals. We can learn how to turn on the switch of Gratitude to become more resilient and willing to engage in activities that will make us feel good, creating an upward spiral of happiness. She will share her personal story on how gratitude helped her overcome a major change in her life when she got laid off during the pandemic.  She will also talk about other resources we can use to further develop gratitude, improving our relationships, our physical and mental health, and enhancing our life satisfaction overall. 

Yaroslav Aristeiguieta

Yaroslav Aristeiguieta holds a master’s degree in international business from Regis University and certificates in positive psychology from Wholebeing Institute and Happiness Studies Academy. She has led over 400 hours of positive psychology group coaching in the corporate environment. She is the founder of, created around her vision of facilitating happiness and a ripple effect of well-being in the community. She says, “Gratitude changes the world you experience and makes you more confident and resilient.”