We often equate resilience with toughness. But research in the field of positive psychology and new discoveries from the science of happiness and well-being suggest that building resilience involves a different type of strength. When we allow ourselves, and our children, to experience a full range of human emotions — the difficult ones like fear, sadness, and frustration, as well as positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, kindness, and love — we will all be more prepared to navigate the ups and the downs that life inevitably brings. Given the stresses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, along with growing economic challenges and the raw emotions around the fight for racial justice and equality, building resilience through compassion is needed more than ever, for our kids and for ourselves. Join Ellen Feig Gray as she outlines evidence-based tools and practices from the field of positive psychology that can help build resilience with compassion. This presentation is based on a TEDx talk Ellen delivered in March, yet to be posted because of the pandemic.

Ellen Feig Gray

Ellen Feig Gray, M.A., CiPP, CPCC is a certified Positive Psychology Coach, speaker, and author who specializes in helping families flourish and cultivate whole-being wellness. Using a strengths-based approach, and drawing upon evidence-based practices from positive psychology and education, as well as the wisdom traditions, she supports parents, children and teens in building resilience, becoming happier and more successful. She began her career as a developmental psychology researcher and applies relevant findings to parenting and education, both inside and outside schools. She is co-author of Hacking School Culture: Designing Compassionate Classrooms (2018).