Do the past couple of years have you fatigued? Do you feel like you should be joyful and happy, but not quite sure why you aren’t? Maybe you’re going through a challenge right now with your health, your finances, your career, your concerns over the future. Maybe the holidays have you focusing on things that worry you or things you wish you had or didn’t have in your life.

If you find yourself feeling a little off or wondering why it feels like too much, just know that you are not alone. The world has been a little rough the past couple of years.

Life is filled with ebbs and flows of emotions and it’s okay to feel every emotion. There are also ways to help you through this. Lisa Sullivan believes one of those ways is by focusing on your playful heart.

She will share her 7-Steps to Having a Playful Heart. These are seven things she focuses on when life gets a little overwhelming. You may be going through something or maybe you’re completely happy right now. Wherever you are in life, she believes we could all use some joy and play right now, and she wants to help you do just that. Join her and learn some ways to having a playful heart now and throughout 2022 – at home, at work, in life!

Lisa Sullivan

Lisa Sullivan is a wife, mom, recovering marketing exec, and the chief happiness officer of her crazy-happy life. She likes to say she is a happiness activist, playful change maker, and life enthusiast and is motivated to create positive change in the world. She’s particularly passionate about helping people unapologetically play big and have fun, embrace their true selves, and do what they’re being called to do.

Drawing from the science of positive psychology, her more than two decades of marketing leadership experience, and a little woo-woo, Lisa offers simple, tested actions that can help reduce stress and anxiety and cultivate a lasting sense of wellbeing, at work and in life. She is certified in positive psychology through The Wholebeing Institute and is a graduate of the Happiness Studies Academy. She is trained in Google’s Search Inside Yourself Program and a certified Let Your Yoga Dance® teacher. She creates happiness “playshops”, training, and keynotes for companies, organizations, and schools. She is the founder of Camp Atta Girl!®, an empowering retreat for women that helps them rediscover their voice, power, self-love, joy, and playful hearts. She is the author of “Atta Girl! The Art of Tapping into Your Power and Moxie and Living Fearlessly Happy (in the middle of a sh*tshow!).” She is also the creator of several tools of happiness including her “Find Your Superpowers” card deck and her “Live UP to Your Word!” card deck, both of which she utilizes at her retreats and workshops as well as in her own life.

You can learn more about her and what she offers at and