Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, today’s families were facing rising stress, mental health issues, and overwhelm. Families are desperate for tools and strategies to help them cope with the everyday stressors of family life, parenting, and now juggling work schedules, health scares, and online learning. Now, more than ever, families need to know how to do hard things. During this session, Shawn Fink, a Life Design Coach, will lead you through the 6 Foundations of a Resilient Family. Each of the foundations can be applied to the family unit — parents or children — to help establish resiliency in everyday life routines. Ideal for any caregiver or anyone who works with families.

Shawn Fink

Shawn Fink is a Life Design Coach and founder of The Abundant Mama Project. She helps women dig out from the rubble of motherhood, ‘shoulds’, and expectations to find their true purpose and passion in life. In her work to help women forge their new creative paths, she helps them cope with the everyday stress that motherhood and family life brings into their lives. She is a mom of twin teenage girls and a writer. In April, she received her Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology from the WholeBeing Institute. She is a crazy plant lady, loves coffee and long hikes.