Does the word “languishing” resonate with you? Adam Grant, Wharton Professor, describes languishing as a state of being where one is not quite depressed, yet also not moving into an area of flourishing. When languishing, we lack coping mechanisms, feel overwhelmed, and struggle with burnout. Negative emotions abound, and life is not lived in “full color,” but more in a “grey scale” fashion. We run out of energy, motivation, and the resources to help ourselves. When asked how we are doing, we may describe ourselves as feeling merely “meh.”  All of us possess the potential to languish as we find ourselves in challenging situations, such as we have during this historic pandemic. Fortunately, research teaches us that resilience is less about the actual difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves, and more about how we choose to respond to these challenges.

Join Sandy Campbell as we review how we may have fallen into a languishing state individually and collectively over the past two years. We will then work to move from languishing to flourishing as we uncover our unique strengths and values. Relying on these discoveries, we will learn how to add more flow, meaning, and happiness into our lives. By setting a clear plan to move forward with true purpose and self care as a priority, we will learn how to strengthen our ability to not only bounce back, but thrive in 2022.

Sandy Campbell

After working for ten years for a major pharmaceutical company, Sandy Campbell decided to stop working in the corporate world and start improving it instead. As a Positive Psychology Coach, Sandy’s passion is to help clients achieve their full potential by helping them make small but highly impactful shifts in the way they eat, think, and move. She holds an M.S. in Counseling from Villanova University as well as degrees and certifications in Integrative Nutrition, Yoga, and Applied Positive Psychology. Sandy works closely with the Whole Being Institute and is a Teaching Assistant for Michelle McQuaid’s Certificate in Creating Wellbeing. Learn more about her Corporate Programs, Clean Eating Boot Camp, Rise & Thrive program, and healthy recipes at