Would you like to be inspired on how to better navigate in tough times? If so, this webinar can be a great opportunity for you.  We all know that life is full of ups and downs, but sometimes we can feel lost, loose hope and have a hard time imagining a better future. When the storm hits our reality, we tend to forget the  precious resources we already have and that we can cultivate our resilience by making choices that serves us. We are all resilient by nature and still, it is a skill that we can master and become better at it. In this webinar, we’ll discuss some key elements to support us to deal better with the adversities we face in life based on APPEAR, the acronym that holds the main concepts and tools used in the Resilience Program at Siemens Gamesa. Camila Valcarengh, a graduate of the Wholebeing Institute’s Certificate Program in Positive Psychology, will share strategies, grounded in research, to support you strengthening your resilience capacity by connecting with your best-resilient self.

Camila Valcarengh

Camila Valcarengh is an Organizational Development Coach at Siemens Gamesa. Over the years she specialized herself in coaching, strengths based development, facilitation, mindfulness and Wellbeing. At Siemens Gamesa she developed the PM Resilience Program, Thriving Teams, Stress reduction & Mindfulness program, The Strengths Based Development program and The Team Development Program (TeamUp) for the Offshore Project Management Organization. She has an Industrial Engineer background and specialization in Strategic Management of Business and People. Camila is a graduate of the Wholebeing Institute’s Certificate Program in Positive Psychology.