Many people struggle to live lives of holistic health and thriving because they lack the awareness of how deeply the mind and body are interconnected, often dedicating massive amounts of energy and time strengthening one at the expense of the other. Gary will discuss how we can only fully live when we cultivate every aspect of life openly and completely, and by employing a “‘because of’ and not ‘despite'” mindset around the inevitable traumas that will happen along the way. 

Gary Redfeather (Keil)

Dr. Gary Redfeather (Keil) runs the postgraduate “Clinical Leadership, Education & Research” programme at De Montfort University in Leicester, England, as well as numerous leader-development programs in the US. Gary’s teaching, research and professional practices weave together a deep understanding of neuroplasticity (the rewiring the brain and nervous system) in the development of chronic pain and post-traumatic states, holistic wellness therapies (medical, mindfulness, nutrition) and organizational development: Helping individuals and organizations increase their chances of a future of PTGO (post-traumatic growth order) versus PTSD. An Ironman triathlete, Gary followed a suggestion by Tal (Ben-Shahar) to see how far he could cultivate his mind-body resiliency, leading to multiple ultramarathons including a Covid-19 lockdown virtual version of the “John O’Groats to Land’s End” 825-mile run (the length of Scotland and England).