The 7 attributes of the strengths-based practitioner Blurb, based on the recently published Frontiers in Psychology paper that she co-authored with Dr. Ryan Niemiec VIA Education Director, group coach and VIA Institute on Character Product & Practice Development Consultant, Ruth Pearce returns to explore the seven attributes of the strengths-based practitioner.  She will share the concepts of embodiment, education, energizing, empowering, exploration, connections and cultivation with the group and also share the case study of the 13 In It Together Coaching co-founders who bring strengths coaching to groups.
Learning objectives:
1. Describe the 7 attributes of the strengths-based practitioner
2. Explain which of the attributes are already in your toolbox
3. Choose a next step in at least one of the all seven attributes to the benefit of yourself and others around you

Ruth Pearce, JD, PMP, CCT, ACC, CiC

Ruth Pearce runs In It Together Group Coaching as part of A Lever Long Enough (ALLE LLC- Project Motivator), supporting and coaching managers and team members to transform the workplace into a community. An avid proponent of focusing on what works, Ruth starts with character strengths as a powerful way to forge connections between team members in a safe way.  Her vision is to bring the art and science of character strengths and community building to project managers. Based on twenty years of direct experience in the field supported by extensive study and research in the science of Character Strengths and Positive Psychology, Ruth’s book Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management was published in November 2018.

In addition to running her own business, Ruth is the VIA Product and Practice Development Consultant, working with the VIA Institute on Character team to develop new tools, courses and directions for the practice of Character Strengths.

Ruth also trains coaches to be coaches with the Center for Coaching Certification

Dr. Ryan Niemiec and Ruth Pearce, JD, ACC have just had a paper on Character Strengths published in Frontiers in Psychology. 
See the whole paper here” The Practice of Character Strengths 2021