Retake CiWPP

(for alumni only)
Remember when you took CiWPP, how nice it was to get a weekly email to keep you on track? And participate in team webinars to connect with others? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about positive routines, given how our schedules have all changed with COVID-19.

So I’ve decided to get creative about offering you a chance to take CiWPP again in a unique and flexible way.

Here are three options to bring the CiWPP experience back into your life.

You can take any one of the options separately, or in combination. For example, you may choose to take option 2 with the small group/final project experience along with option 3, the final immersion; or just the final immersion. What did you need/want to deepen into after your first experience?

There is no “additional” certification for these options, as you already are an alum of the course! Instead, this is a deepening into, and a refresher of, the material.

Option 1
CiWPP Online
Register now. $500.
This gives you all the video content in each module, access to live webinars (our guest faculty team this year includes Joan Borysenko, Richard Miller, and more), and full access to the virtual classroom, including the forum, so you can chat with other students and use of all the handouts. You’ll get that handy weekly email and schedule so you can digest the material on a timeline shared by others (yes, that helps keep us all on track!). This is the option with no small group work, so it does not include Module 3, the online virtual immersion.
Option 2
CiWPP Online +
Small-Group Work
Register now. $750.
This option includes all of the above, plus full participation in the small groups. This means that, along with access to the online content, you’ll also be part of the new virtual immersion for Module 3 that’s happening June 6–7, 2020. We’ll be breaking people into working teams, which I’m sure you remember from your original CiWPP journey. This option allows you to fully participate in the small groups, including creating a final project and working with the teaching assistants for the teaming process. This is a super way to do a 2.0 version of a final project—going deeper on a subject or creating a new product, service, or practice.
Option 3
On-site Immersion

Register now. $500.
plus housing.

Join us for the last immersion, which takes place at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania, December 3–8, 2020. Be part of welcoming the graduating class to the alumni community, while refreshing your learning and reigniting your enthusiasm. You can choose this option as a stand-alone experience, or add it to one of the online options. $500 (plus housing)
Note: You’ll get a code to set up your housing separately with the Himalayan Institute.