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This one-day workshop is for everyone seeking positive change—all those who want to live and work into their best self.

It’s a uniquely human capacity to choose the focus of our attention. In directing your attention, you can deliberately shape life toward your ideal self—the aspirational view you hold of who you want to become.

Using tools from positive psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience, you’ll identify and cultivate this ideal self. Then, using Wholebeing Institute’s SPIRE model for well-being, you’ll develop concrete actions that engage the whole of you. Take home daily routines and conscious choices aligned with a new storyline, so you can better understand your inherent wholeness and realize greater happiness.

During this on-site program, you will

Engage and focus your attention, using it to strengthen relationships and enhance the power of appreciation

Practice the SPIRE approach to expand your capacity for, and perspective of, wholebeing happiness

Experience the power of storytelling and re-storying to understand and live from a strengths-based perspective

Develop and cultivate key aspects of your ideal self, exploring how that vision can enrich your daily actions, simplify choices, and lead to greater levels of flourishing.

This workshop is the companion to Wholebeing Institute’s Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness online course. Taking the online course first is recommended, although not required. Each course is designed with the other in mind, strengthening core concepts and introducing new tools. Both the online and the on-site courses are supported by the workbook The Inspired Life.

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Teaching Team


Karen Whelan-Berry, PhD, holds a PhD in Organizational Studies with a focus on organizational change, and is passionate about facilitating positive and effective change for individuals, teams, and organizations. Karen is also part of WBI’s research team, studying course outcomes and continually upgrading our curriculum.

Maria Sirois, PsyD, is a Positive Psychologist and seminar leader who teaches with wisdom, authenticity, and humor at the intersection of resilience and flourishing. She’s the author of Every Day Counts and A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (And Other Dark, Difficult Times), and holds a doctorate in psychology.

Phoebe Atkinson, LCSW-R, is a psychotherapist and coach in private practice. She uses experiential training methods to help groups and individuals gain personal insight and effectiveness. For over a decade, Phoebe has partnered extensively with The Next Level in the design and facilitation of executive leadership programs and peer mentoring circles. Since 2012, she has served as a teaching assistant, teaching assistant mentor, and faculty member for the certificate program, and oversees student groups online.

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$195 USD

Registration is currently closed. Please sign-up above to be notified when the registration opens for the next Inspire Your Ideal workshop.