Group Session Dates:
Monday, October 18—Friday, November 26, 2021
Group Coaching sessions held Tuesdays, 4—5:30 pm ET.

Space is limited to 8 seats.

Do you want a new beginning? Do you feel like something has to change but you’re not sure exactly what? Maybe you know what needs to change but can’t figure out how to get started. 

This Positive Psychology Group Coaching experience offers members the opportunity to step back from day-to-day life, take stock, and envision and create positive change. Some of you may have a specific goal in mind when you sign up; for others, getting clear on what you want next may be the work you’re bringing. Our coaching process gives group members the space and tools each of us needs to begin.
If you’re drawn to the idea of exploring one or more of those questions with a small caring community and an expert coach, you are warmly invited to join us for a six-week group coaching journey!

In weekly small-group sessions, your coach will draw on Wholebeing Institute’s CHANGE model, which pulls together positive psychology research into a powerful coaching framework. From day one, we’ll apply evidence-based tools to help group members clarify and make progress towards what they want to accomplish.

No previous knowledge of positive psychology is necessary. All that is required is a deep desire for positive change and a willingness to support others on their journey.

Please note: This is not a training course for coaches who wish to run a group, but rather an experience in being coached. Participants will be receiving coaching. If you’re interested in training as a Positive Psychology Coach with WBI, find out more here.

Jennifer HanawaldNBC-HWC, is a board certified health and wellness coach and certified positive psychology life coach. In her coaching practice, she draws on her training at Duke Integrative Medicine and evidence-based positive psychology tools to support her clients in leveraging their strengths and resources to make personally satisfying, meaningful health and life changes.

In addition to 1:1 and group coaching, Jennifer teaches and mentors students in Wholebeing Institute’s positive psychology coaching certification.

For more information about Jennifer, visit her coaching website at, Wholebeing Institute’s coaching certification program, and her blogs.

Group Session Overview

The live coaching group sessions are held weekly from Tuesday, October 12, 2021, through Tuesday, November 16. This group session is limited to eight people. Live attendance is required.

During this six-week coaching engagement, group members work together, with the guidance of WBI faculty member and certified Positive Psychology Coach Jennifer Hanawald, to create positive change in their lives.

Our group setting will give you access to the strengths-based approach of Positive Psychology Coaching, allow you to learn by observing others take on challenges in their parallel experiences, and provide a powerful opportunity to be witnessed and encouraged by a supportive community.

Please note: This program is not therapy and doesn’t address mental health challenges or therapeutic techniques. This is a coaching experience, not a training course.
Benefits of Group Coaching
A group is greater than its individual parts. Through our group process, we share, learn from each other, gently hold each other accountable, and witness each other’s growth. Through our connection, we create and realize new possibilities.

This positive psychology–based group coaching process will help you:

✦ Gain clarity about what you want and connect it to your personal values. Commit to meaningful change in your life

✦ Create a plan to make that change and get started

✦ Gain a greater understanding of your personal strengths and resources

✦ Be witnessed and supported by your peers and offer the same to others on similar journeys

✦ Inspire creative action, positivity and a growth mindset, helping you reach important milestones, aspirations, dreams or goals.

✦ Understand that you are not alone with your challenges

✦ Experience and inspire creative action, positivity, and a growth mindset, enabling you to reach important milestones, aspirations, dreams, or goals.

Who This Is For
This group coaching experience is open to those ready to commit to exploring and making meaningful change in their lives. It’s for those who want to experience the benefits of Positive Psychology Coaching in a supportive group setting.

Our design enables you to choose a goal that reflects where you are and what you need now. It might be tackling something that’s been on your mind for years, or something that would be helpful to you right now, like forming a new habit or self-care routine. Our work will focus on clarifying and achieving your personal goals, dreams, and desired habits in service of helping you to live your best life.


The group process is built on being consistently present for each other. We ask members to commit to being on time to each session and partnering with other members to build and sustain our supportive group structure.

As with one-on-one coaching, much of the clients’ work happens between sessions. The group design enables us to lay the groundwork each week for the work we will do between sessions. Each week during our time together, we’ll engage in activities, discussion, and exploration designed to set us up for further forward motion outside our time together.

As this is a group process, your authentic, compassionate presence and willingness to follow the group structure is needed.

Please note that our sessions are not recorded. We ask that you commit to being present at all live sessions.


Week 1: Clarifying and Connecting
In our opening session, we have two main objectives: to clarify our hopes for this group coaching journey and to connect with our new community. Positive psychology research shows that working towards challenging, intrinsically motivated goals and cultivating nurturing relationships are two of the most important actions we can take to improve our well-being. We will do both! With this in mind, we will name what is bringing us to this coaching experience, and, drawing on WBI’s SPIRE model for wholebeing, we will explore our personal definition of a life well lived. We will also take time to mindfully build our group and design how we will work together. This includes naming our structure and establishing norms, including active listening, confidentiality and a beginner’s mindset.

Week 2: Exploring Our Strengths and Resources
In our second meeting, we will expand on the details of where we are headed and take stock of where we are now. A premise of coaching for change is that, similar to the way we navigate with a map, we must fully understand our destination (what we want to accomplish), and also be clear on our starting point. No matter how great a challenge the desired change or goal, we will find concrete evidence that we have what it takes to make progress toward it. We will use the positive psychology tools of strengths and appreciative inquiry to ignite the motivation, hope, and confidence that we need to progress. [Next week: With this scaffolding, we will assess the areas where we need to gain more knowledge and resources to be successful.]

Week 3: Mapping Our Paths
Bring a poster, pens, and some stickies, and get ready to roll up your sleeves. This week we will get messy! We will brainstorm and begin to plot our individual maps. We’ll consider the major steps we need to tackle to accomplish what we’re working towards, the timing required, and the areas where we need to develop more skills, knowledge, or resources in order to be successful.

Week 4: Action, Assessment, and Planning
This week, we will share elements of our goal maps. As a group we will work through how to make these into powerful personal templates we can reference to help us move forward, regardless of the way the wind blows. We will take a close look at the next big steps, breaking them down into manageable steps, and priming ourselves for action. We will also check in on the action step we committed to last week, and practice celebrating successes and effort, and learning from setbacks.

Week 5: Recalibrating & Sustaining Progress
Today we will finish sharing our goal maps, explore what we’ve learned about our goals and our planning, and make adjustments as needed. We will create accountability. Then we will look at how to support ourselves in difficult times using the tool of self-compassion, based on the work of Kristen Neff.

Week 6: Consolidation, Celebrating, Community, Continuing
In our closing session, we will take stock of what we’ve learned about ourselves in this process, elaborate on how we will keep moving towards our goal, and name any new goals or dreams that may have emerged. We’ll celebrate each other’s progress, recognizing where we are in this journey and embracing the unknown.

Schedule and Time Commitment

✦ Meets live weekly for six weeks.
✦ 90 minutes per call.
✦ Tuesdays, 4—5:30 pm ET.

Our weekly coaching sessions take place via Zoom technology. Group members will be able to easily connect to live sessions through our closed online group coaching meeting space. An overview of the coaching process and weekly videos outlining exercises relating to our in-person work are accessible in the same online meeting space.
Pre-work & Journaling
In between sessions, you’ll be asked to complete journaling prompts and other exercises to support the change process and prepare you for our meetings. You will draw on insights from these activities in our sessions, however, you will not be asked to share your journaling. Plan for one hour to cover these and other exercises. For participants taking on new behaviors and projects, timing will vary.
Registration Information


Tuition for this course is $695 USD

Introductory Special $595 USD

Please note: the Introductory Special ends in 2021.

Limited to 8 seats