Discover the Meaning in this Very Moment

A Free Masterclass with Dr. Michael Steger

This masterclass covers

  • How to use the power of now to create a life rich in meaning
  • Ways to live more meaningfully by focusing on the present moment
  • Why finding meaning doesn’t have to be an intellectual chore—it can be fun, spontaneous, and lighthearted.
Michael F. Steger, PhD, is a professor of psychology and the founding director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University. His research focuses on how people flourish through building meaning and purpose in their lives and work. His published works include two widely used measurement tools, the Meaning in Life Questionnaire and the Work and Meaning Inventory, as well as three co-edited books, The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work, Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace, and Designing Positive Psychology. Mike offers keynotes, lectures, workshops, and consulting around the world on the topics of meaning, purpose, psychological strengths, meaningful work, and creating a happy workplace.

Download slides from the presentation.

Wholebeing Institute is happy to offer Michael Steger’s latest on-demand course, Meaning in the Moment. Michael created this course to help those seeking to increase understanding of meaning in their lives, and intentionally build that meaning. This course is for those who are curious about meaning in life and its link to our authenticity; to our past, present, and future; and to our life goals. It’s also designed for health professionals, coaches, managers, and educators who seek to help others understand and uncover meaning in life and work.

Key concepts of the course include:

Life Is What You Pay Attention to: Finding meaning in the moment requires us to find important focal points in the here and now and become comfortable with the power of our attention.

The Miracle Machine: Our bodies are the gateway to the present, and the one source of meaning that is always with you.

Savor: The simple practice of appreciating and expanding our enjoyment of life’s pleasures can be a powerful tool for building meaningful moments.

A Stitch in Time: Weaving the threads of everyday life into a tapestry of life purpose helps you see how your purpose began before right now, and will continue into tomorrow—and yet it is only in the moment when we can take steps along that journey.

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