Join us for a live discussion with the author, Dr. Karissa Thacker.

“If knowing yourself and being yourself were as easy to do as people talk about, there wouldn’t be nearly so many people walking around in borrowed postures, spouting secondhand ideas, trying desperately to fit in rather than stand out.” —Warren Bennis

What if we stood out more, borrowed less, and were brave enough to show up as ourselves at work? Dr. Karissa Thacker shows us how to do this in her new book, The Art of Authenticity: Tools to Become an Authentic Leader and Your Best Self. With wisdom, candor, relatable vignettes, and memorable quotes like the one above, Thacker demonstrates how practicing authenticity makes us better leaders.

This book club will be extra special, because Karissa herself will be on the call, ready to answer your questions and engage in a thoughtful discussion about how we can combine effective leadership with authenticity.

The Art of Authenticity teaches us how to:

  • Lead with loyalty, honesty, ethics, and consideration
  • Make conscious choices instead of succumbing to knee-jerk reactions
  • Stay true to your values even in the most demanding situations.

Ready to learn all this and have a conversation with Karissa? Mark your calendars for this special author discussion and leave a comment below.

Book Discussion

When: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 7:30 pm EST
Conference Call Dial in: 323-476-3997
Conference ID: 218555#
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Who should join? Anyone who wants to be a more effective leader, including coaches and consultants.
Why join? To talk live with the author, Dr. Karissa Thacker, and learn ways to craft a leadership strategy built on authenticity.

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Leverage your authentic self into a valuable leadership strategy.

Dr. Karissa Thacker is a management psychologist who has worked with leaders in more than 200 Fortune 500 companies. The Art of Authenticity offers her wisdom on becoming a better leader by accessing your best self.

We all bring different sides of ourselves to various situations. This book shows you how to broaden and deepen your effectiveness by presenting the most appropriate side in each situation. Karissa’s expert guidance on becoming an authentic leader is based on validated psychological research and the artful application of psychological principles to actual business situations. By replacing habitual reactions with authentic ones, you’ll find that you’re modeling good behavior and effective decision-making—and that authenticity is contagious.

How do you remain authentic while being an effective leader? This book argues that the question isn’t a duality. Authenticity is the best way to lead, and the only way to maintain sustainable success as an organization.

Some are born to lead, other must be taught, but all leaders must work to retain their own values and basic sense of self. A simple pause can mean the difference between a knee-jerk reaction and an authentic decision, and the effects ripple throughout your organization. The Art of Authenticity is your guidebook to finding the authentic leader within, and leading from the inside out for the long haul.

About: Mina Simhai

Mina Simhai earned her Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute and served as a teaching assistant for CiPP4. She teaches positive psychology at George Washington University. She is also a recovering lawyer, yoga teacher and mother. Her latest project is bringing the tools of positive psychology to lawyers and others in the DC area and across the country. Her top strengths are judgment, love of learning, curiosity, love, and appreciation of beauty. Mina is an avid reader and looks forward to launching the WBI Book Club with you.